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Shortly after I married my husband I found myself with a Christmas gift from him that changed the trajectory of my life. A camera. Even though I clearly needed work with crafting skills, a passion started to develop. I dove in feet first and quickly found myself exactly where I needed to be. After a long string of dead-end jobs, for the first time in my life I felt like I was good at something. Like I belonged somewhere.

My little business has experienced tremendous growth over the past six years, and it still surprises me daily! I’ve had the most amazing opportunities to travel capturing love in it’s purest form – a newlywed couple on the day of their wedding. Local magazines and wedding blogs have picked up my work for features and publication. And now that I have seen first-hand how necessary it is to let yourself have dreams and give yourself permission to chase after them, I am now a huge supporter of following your heart. I can’t WAIT to hear all about your dreams and the vision you have for one of the most special days of your lives! As a dreamer myself, I’m here to walk with you during your planning stages through the moment you say “I do”, and beyond.

My couples are relaxed, loving, creative people, who appreciate organization and connection. Let's schedule a coffee date and talk all about your wedding!

Hello, I'm Amanda


Meet Lauren & Alyssa

As a liberal arts (actually, criminology) nerd, it is no surprise that Lauren is the one with the big design ideas. I have always been one for wedding trends and design. As my friends were getting married, they all came straight to me to help them with planning their wedding. Quickly after launching my own wedding planning business, So Lovely Weddings & Blooms, I realized it was something I absolutely loved. Knowing the stress of planning my own wedding, I knew I had to take the lessons I learned to help others.

With a technical/engineering background, Alyssa is the organizational brain behind G&B. I completely fell in love with the wedding industry while planning my own wedding to my highschool sweetheart in January 2015. I took a leap of faith and launched my own planning business, Lovely & Bubbly Events, in April 2015 – just 3 months after getting married!

Lauren and Alyssa started collaborating on workshops, shoots and weddings! Joining together was such a natural fit for us! We love using a couple’s unique love story as inspiration for wedding day details.
Our styles and work ethic complemented each other so well, we couldn’t help but beam with excitement at the possibility of being a team!

Hello, We're Lauren & Alyssa


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